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Valerie Harper Hospitalized After Being Found Unconscious

Adam Rose/NBC(NEW YORK) -- Valerie Harper was hospitalized Wednesday night after being found unconscious backstage during a performance of Nice Work If You Can Get It at a Maine theater.According to Entertainment Tonight, the actress was taken via ambulance from the Ogunquit Playhouse to York Hospital.The musical's director went on stage Wednesday to tell the audience that the 75-year-old actress wouldn't be performing during the production. "She wants all of you to know after some fluids and rest she hopes to be right back here on stage later this week," the director added.Harper was slated to perform in the musical until August 15.The Ogunquit Playhouse released a statement Thursday that said, Harper was "resting comfortably and will remain in the hospital for observation for the time being."Sources told ET, "It doesn't look good."In March 2013, Harper was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. At the time, doctors told her she could have just a few more months to live. In May 2014, Harper clarified on ABC's Good Morning America that "the cell that's causing the disease is lung cancer."Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Angelina Jolie Returns to Cambodia with Son

ABC/Rick Rowell(NEW YORK) -- Angelina Jolie doesn't want her son Maddox to forget his roots.The A-lister recently took a trip to Cambodia, the site of her breakout movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and the place where she adopted her eldest son in 2002, reports E! News.This trip is the first of many. Jolie is set to begin her next directorial project, a film adaptation of Loung Ung's book First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia. The film reveals how life was under the deadly regime of Khmer Rouge in the 1970s, in which millions were killed in a genocide."As Maddox and I prepare the film we will be side by side learning about his country," Jolie told reporters. "He is turning 14 next week and this is a very important time for him to understand who he is. He is my son but he is also a son of Cambodia. This is the time for our family to understand all that means to him and to us."Shooting for the film will begin in November, according to E! The film is set to premiere on Netflix in 2016.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Kelly Ripa Explains How She Broke Her Foot

Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo(NEW YORK) -- When Kelly Ripa walked onstage for Thursday's episode Live with Kelly and Michael, viewers saw she had traded in her typical stilettos for a boot on one foot. The co-host explained the reason for the new look: she's broken her foot. "I was in a dance class like I typically, usually am and somebody had left a weight on the floor. Because usually what happens is, you do dancing, and then you do weights and then you put your weights back on your mat," she explained. "And somebody I guess either left [the weight] not on their mat or maybe kicked it when they were dancing. I don't know.""All I know is I did a jump -- and in my mind I'm an incredible dancer, graceful as can be -- and I landed on the weight," she said, with the crowd gasping.Ripa went on to explain that her husband, Mark Consuelos, was by her side when she checked into New York City's Hospital for Special Surgery Wednesday night to meet with doctors and find out how much damage she'd actually done."We found out that I have like four little bones that broke off," she said. "And [the doctor] said, 'The good news is it's in a way that it doesn't require surgery.' So that's great!"Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Trevor Noah Talks Taking Over for Jon Stewart as "Daily Show" Host

Comedy Central(LOS ANGELES) -- Upcoming Daily Show host Trevor Noah faced TV critics Wednesday in Beverly Hills, and talked about the pressure of taking over for Jon Stewart.Noah made one thing clear when asked about his transition from comedian to host of the Comedy Central program: "I’m not in the news business. I’m still in the comedy business, and that's the most important thing Jon Stewart left with me."The show won't change, but he says the perspective can't help but change.The South African comedian explained, "If you look at the issues in America right now, let's say just around racial inequality, Jon and I come from totally different points of view. Jon would have to empathize. I, myself, come from a different place."He does feel the weight of taking over the franchise, commenting, "There’s an immense pressure for me personally to live up to that legacy to keep that flagship going."Stewart's last show as Daily Show host is next Thursday. Noah's first is September 28.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Jesse Pinkman's "Breaking Bad" House for Sale

ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) -- Want to live like Jesse Pinkman? Here's your chance.The Albuquerque, New Mexico, house that stood in for the residence of Aaron Paul's character on Breaking Bad is for sale. The two-story, 35-hundred-square-foot, four-bedroom home is described as having the "luxuries of updated HVAC, electrical, plumbing, a luxurious master suite, and a gourmet kitchen while retaining the authenticity of design."The asking price for the home: 1.6 million dollars.You can take a look at the listing, as well as some photos of the home, on BreakingBadHouse.com. The website mentions, "Meth Lab Not Included."Paul won three Emmys for his portrayal of Jesse, the sidekick to Bryan Cranston's meth dealer Walter White, on Breaking Bad.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Robert De Niro Pranked "Paper Towns" Star Nat Wolff

John Paul Filo/CBS(NEW YORK) -- Could it be that Nat Wolff was destined for stardom?He’s written hit songs, check. He’s formed a successful band, check. He’s starred in a hit TV series, check. He’s amassed a huge social media following. And now he’s making blockbuster movies, check. And check.From music to film, it is Wolff’s ever-evolving career that landed him a role opposite Robert De Niro in the film The Intern, set to be released in September.Wolff told ABC News the two were on set, sitting at a table waiting to tape a scene, when the movie legend pranked him.“He just turned to me and I was chewing a piece of gum pretty much to stay calm because I was across the desk from one of my heroes. And he said, 'What are you going to do with that gum?' I was like, 'I’m probably gonna spit it out before the scene.' And he was like, 'You know what we used to do with gum? We used to put it under the table.'"And I was like, 'OK.' And he goes, 'You should do it. Go for it.'"And I just took the gum and I put it under the table. And he just goes, 'Ha, ha. I can’t believe you did that. And he goes Nancy, look he’s putting gum on the set! He’s putting gum on the set!' So basically he was making fun of me. Also, it totally relaxed me."Wolff currently stars as the leading man in the new comedy-drama Paper Towns as Quentin “Q” Jacobsen. He’s a high school senior who goes on a wild adventure with his pals to find a missing girl. The film is based on the best-selling John Green novel of the same name.ABC US News | World NewsCopyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Is Michelle Williams Off the Market?

Weinstein Company(LOS ANGELES) -- Michelle Williams appears to have a new man in her life.The 34-year-old actress is dating Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close author Jonathan Safran Foer, sources tell Us Weekly.“They knew each other through mutual friends,” notes one insider, who adds, “I’m not surprised that Michelle is attracted to him. She loves books. She reads almost every day!”“They’re two people in the same mind-set," adds the insider.“With Jonathan, Michelle looks finally at peace and genuinely happy,” another source says of the formerDawson's Creek star.Safran Foer, 38, was previously married to fellow author Nicole Krauss, with whom he shares two children. They split in 2014.Williams was previously linked to Jason Segel and Spike Jonze. She also dated her Brokeback Mountain co-star, the late Heath Ledger, from 2004-2007. The couple welcomed a daughter, Matilda, in 2005.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Did Kris Jenner Visit Caitlyn Jenner's Malibu Home?

Timothy White/E!(LOS ANGELES) -- Kris Jenner visited Caitlyn Jenner's Malibu, California, home on Tuesday, a source tells People magazine.Pictures obtained by the entertainment magazine show the 59-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashiansmatriarch's black Cadillac Escalade pulling out of Caitlyn's driveway.Kris and Caitlyn, formally known as Bruce Jenner, filed for divorce back in September after 20 years of marriage.Caitlyn came out as transgender in an interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer in April.During a special two-part episode of KUWTK a couple of months ago Kris reacted to her ex-husband's transition by saying, "I just miss Bruce. And that's going to take me a minute to mourn that relationship. You think you're going to grow old with somebody, and they drastically change over the course of just a few years.""I still love you, baby. Is there anything I can do now to make it better for you?" Cait replied"Live the happiest life you can live....That's all I care about. That you can find the peace you've been looking for for so long," was Kris' response.Caitlyn documents her transition in the eight-part series I Am Cait, airing Sundays on E!Keeping Up with the Kardashians returns in the fall on E!Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Report: Beyoncé Offered Role in "The Wiz Live!"

Eric McCandless/CBS(NEW YORK) -- Earlier this week, Queen Latifah and Mary J. Blige were added to the cast of NBC's upcoming live musical production of The Wiz. Could Beyoncé be far behind?E! News reports Bey has been offered the role of Glinda the Good Witch. However, it also notes thatOrange Is The New Black's Uzo Aduba is also being considered.NBC announced Tuesday that Latifah will play the Wiz, while Blige will fill the role of the Wicked Witch of the West.The Wiz Live! will air on NBC Thursday, December 3.The Wiz initially opened on Broadway in 1975, re-imagining L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in an African-American context. A movie adaptation hit theaters in 1978, starring Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Lena Horne and Richard Pryor. A Broadway revival will debut during the 2016-2017 season.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Mike Epps on Bobbi Kristina Brown: 'Fame Will Kill You. It Kills Most of Us'

ABC/Lou Rocco(NEW YORK) -- When Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away earlier this week at the age of 22, Mike Epps tweeted: "I'd like to say f*** fame! It kills all of us."Elaborating, Epps told ABC Radio, "Fame will kill you. It kills most of us. It's not ever a great ending. I don't hear too many great endings of really, really rich and famous people. Maybe a couple. So, it does, man. Fame is tough."Brown passed away Sunday months after being found unconscious in her bathtub January 31. She'll be laid to rest Saturday at St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. The burial will be in Westfield, New Jersey at the Fairview Cemetery on Monday -- the same location where her late mother Whitney Houston is buried.Epps said that many celebrities mishandle their fame."When you sit and add it all up, and you think about it, you find yourself doing it for legacy. It's only so much money you could have, it's only so many cars you can have, so many houses, so many friends," he explained. "You gotta be really prepared mentally to understand what was the most important thing of doing all of it. Some people never find out what was important of them doing what they did. They just accumulate things."Epps added that he has no interest in fame. "If I can inspire someone else that came from nothing, my job is done. If I can leave a legacy for my children, my grandchildren, my job is done," he said. Epps is set to return to the small screen in the second season of Survivor's Remorse, returning to Starz on August 22. He's also starring in ABC's new family comedy, Uncle Buck. That reportedly premieres in 2016.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

"Orange Is the New Black" Star Says It "Makes Sense" Her Character Missed Most o

Jill Greenberg/Netflix(LOS ANGELES) -- SPOILER ALERT: Orange Is the New Black fans didn't see much of Natasha Lyonne, and her character, the heroin-addicted, Nicky, this season. Still, the actress said it made sense."I feel a great deal of solidarity with the cast of Game of Thrones," she quipped at a panel during the Television Critics Association's Summer TV Press Tour 2015, according to E! News.After three episodes, Lyonne's Nicky was sent to a maximum security part of the jail after she was blamed for bringing drugs into the federal prison in which the drama is set."We have an incredible puppet master in [creator] Jenji [Kohan] and there's a great deal of trust that I have in that," she continued. "I'm pretty much a person who is up for adventure and I thought it was wise to have there be a big consequence for Nicky's playing around with heroin. ...There's going to be hell to pay at a certain point for playing with her personal fire."Lyonne added, "I think it makes sense and I think that the stakes of the show and the reason it resonates and continues to is ultimately because of this underlying intensity to the fact that these people have lost their freedom and are up against themselves behind these walls. I think it's a good thing to have major characters suffer major consequences. Otherwise, I think it might be a little bit too friendly and it loses some of its bite."Although Lyonne spoke a lot about her character, she wouldn't reveal if Nicky would be let out of max next season. "That seems like a sneaky way to ask another spoiler question," Lyonne replied to one question.Season three of Orange Is the New Black is available now on Netflix.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

"The Bachelorette's" Kaitlyn Bristowe Says She Wants Four Kids with Fiance

ABC/Fred Lee(NEW YORK) -- Now that The Bachelorette stars Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth can be open about their engagement, they're now able to think about their future. The two told ABC News after their appearance on ABC's Good Morning America Tuesday that kids are part of the long-term plan."I want four and he wants five," she said. "A big family is on the way!"And while wedding planning may not be their main priority at the moment, both had the same ideas when asked about what they want.  "I'm not picky and I've never been that little girl who dreamt about her wedding day," Bristowe explained. "I just can't wait to be in one room with all family and friends and that's the only thing I care about.""That's what I was going to say," agreed Booth. "As long as we're surrounded by our family and friends, that's all that matters."The next few weeks for the couple will include travel to their hometowns of Vancouver and Nashville, so that they can determine where they'll settle down.  "I think we love the idea of having a summer home in British Columbia or Vancouver and living in Nashville," Bristowe told reporters Tuesday afternoon. "I think that sounds pretty ideal."Added Booth: "I think that might be the best!"Bristowe also opened up about her Snapchat that almost ruined the entire season. Before the finale aired, she shared a video of herself in bed next to Booth. Bristowe told E! News she "felt really, really bad" about the incident. "I didn't realize I'd done that, so we're talking, and Shawn picks up his phone and he's on Twitter, and suddenly he's like, 'Oh my gosh!'" she explained. "He started hyperventilating."Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Ed Helms Hits the Road in "Vacation"

ABC/Fred Lee(NEW YORK) -- Ed Helms stars in Vacation, the reboot of the 1983 film comedy National Lampoon's Vacation, something the comic actor says he doesn't take lightly. "It's such a privilege. I mean, the whole Griswold universe is something that has meant to so much to me over the years," Helms said on Wednesday's Live with Kelly and Michael.Helms plays a grown-up Rusty Griswold in the movie, who decides to take his wife, played by Christina Applegate, and their two sons on a cross-country trip to Walley World, the amusement park made famous in the 1983 original, starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo. The two veteran actors also reprise their roles in Vacation."It's fun to see Chevy kind of become Clark Griswold because it's different than who he is in person," Helms explained. "I met him that morning and it was like, 'Oh, this is Chevy! I'm excited to meet you.' Then all of a sudden he just morphs into Clark on set"Chris Hemsworth also stars in the film as Helm's onscreen brother-in-law.  "He's such a good actor. Like, he showed up so prepared," Helms said about his co-star, who's best-known for play the superhero Thor in four Marvel movies. "And he works out a lot. I think his abs were surgically replaced with clay and they're freshly sculpted every morning."Vacation is now in theaters.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Ben Affleck's Rep Slams Reports He's Dating Former Nanny

Peter Kramer/NBC(LOS ANGELES) -- Ben Affleck doesn't want you to believe reports he's dating his children's former nanny.According Us Weekly, the actor has been dating Christine Ouzounian, who reportedly was hired in the spring to care for Affleck's three children with estranged wife, Jennifer Garner. The magazine added that when Garner realized that her husband and Ouzounian were seeing each other, she was fired.However, a rep for Affleck told The New York Post's Page Six that the report is completely false."The story is complete garbage and full of lies. You shouldn’t be able to hide behind ‘blind sources’ and attempt to destroy families going through a difficult time," the rep said. "The tabloid decided to construct stories in order to sell magazines. It’s like story time in kindergarten. It’s shameful and desperate."Earlier this month, Garner and Affleck announced they were ending their 10-year marriage, but wanted to stay committed to co-parenting their three children. Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

"Vacation" Reboot in Theaters Wednesday

Warner Bros. (New Line)(LOS ANGELES) -- Looking for a Wednesday getaway? You could take a trip to your local theater to see the new Vacation reboot, starring Ed Helms.[Read a review of the film.]Helms is a grown-up Rusty Griswold in the comedy, which is now in theaters. He decides to take his wife, played by Christina Applegate, and their two sons on a cross-country trip to Walley World, the amusement park made famous in the 1983 original starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo.Chase and D'Angelo make appearances in Vacation, as does Chris Hemsworth. The film is rated R.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Why Did Netflix Create "Full House" Spin-Off, "Fuller House"?

ABC/Lou Rocco(LOS ANGELES) -- Fuller House, the highly anticipated Full House spin-off, is set to come to Netflix in 2016, but the cast has already started filming, said the cable network's Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos."At the taping of the episode this past week, when the cast shows up on stage the audience reacts immediately," he added Tuesday at the Television Critics Association's Summer TV Press Tour 2015. "And the actors have fallen right back into those roles. It's very much in the same spirit but it's a modern take on Full House."Sarandos also explained why the cable network decided to create a spin-off in the first place."Full House is a really unique show in the culture in that it never really went away," he said. "After its network run, it's been very successful in syndication. It is been very kind of cross-generational, where parents are watching the show with their kids."On Fuller House, Candace Cameron-Bure's character will reportedly be a widowed mother of three, who has her sister Stephanie and friend Kimmy -- played by Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber, respectively -- move in to help. The show also will feature guest appearances by original stars Bob Saget, John Stamos, Dave Coulier and Lori Loughlin.Although it was reported that two of the show’s biggest stars, twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, have declined to participate, Sarandos said not so fast."The Olsen twins are teetering whether or not they'll be around," he said.Fuller House premieres in 2016.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

"Paper Towns'" Cara Delevingne Angers TV Morning Show Hosts

Fox(SACRAMENTO) -- Model/actress Cara Delevingne's appearance on Good Morning Sacramento on Tuesday turned ugly.The 22-year-old, appearing on the show remotely to plug her new movie Paper Towns, angered a few of the anchors when she appeared to be less than enthusiastic about giving the interview.The segment got off to a bad start when one of the anchors called her "Carla," and things just got worse from there, and the audio delay in the remote interview didn't help.Her co-host then asks the actress if juggling several projects helps her focus, to which Delevingne replies, “No, I don’t know where that comes from.”Cara gives a series of playfully sarcastic responses to questions, like whether or not she relates to herPaper Towns character, Margo. “No, I actually hate her,” she jokes.Another co-host asks if Delevingne is “just exhausted,” and Delevingne explains that the movie had its premiere the night before, and that it was "emotional."When the anchors ask if she’s irritated or it’s just the news show, Cara answers, “No, I think it’s just you.”“We’ll let you go then, how about that?” one anchor fires back, before adding sarcastically, “Why don’t you go take a little nap, maybe get a Red Bull?” The actress appeared shocked by the comments.After the interview ended, the news team ganged up on Delevingne, with one suggesting she was "in a mood.”“You make $5 million for six weeks of work, you can pretend to talk to Good Day Sacramento with some oomph!” another host adds.Paper Towns is playing in theaters now.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

"America's Got Talent" Recap: The 'Judge Cuts' Continue with 7 Acts Advancing to

Peter Kramer/NBC(NEW YORK) -- America’s Got Talent continued its “Judge Cuts” on Tuesday. Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel continued the four-week process of picking 36 acts for the live performance shows. This week, actor/comedian Marlon Wayans -- invited by Howie -- joined the regular panel and got to use the "Golden Buzzer" for his favorite act, sending them to Radio City Music Hall without any consultation from the AGT judges.Only seven out of the 20 acts that performed on Tuesday’s show were allowed to move on to the next round. They were ventriloquist Paul Zerdin, mentalist Oz Pearlman, contortionist Vita Radionova, bluegrass act Mountain Faith Band, boy band Triple Threat, dance troupe Animation Crew and singerBenton Blount.Former AGT judge Piers Morgan returns as next week’s guest judge.Here’s a rundown of some of Tuesday’s highlights:Nerdy boy band Triple Threat, three guys from Arkansas, mixed singing and rap on the Ariana Grande hit “Problem,” featuring Iggy Azalea. Mel thought they were “likeable” and wanted them to do well in the competition. Marlon was impressed by how “seasoned” they were. Howard noted they had the talent, but not the looks, which, unfortunately, is a factor for a boy band. The trio responded by noting that since their first appearance on AGT, they’ve had a lot of girls reaching out to them on Twitter. In spite of Stern’s reservations, the act moves on.Animation Crew was a group of men who pretended to be a robot band, showing off some impressive robotic dance moves. Heidi noted they “really stand out” from the other dance acts in the competition. Mel B loved the troupe’s originality. Howard noted they were “entertaining in robot form,” but he was disappointed that they “broke character” during the performance. They advance to the next round.Ventriloquist Paul Zerdin amused the judges by pulling out a baby puppet he introduced as his son, whom he couldn’t find a sitter for. In his routine, Zerdin tried unsuccessfully to read the baby a bedtime story. Howie noted AGT is a family show and Paul is a family act. Heidi called the comedian’s material “clever,” adding Zerdin made her feel like there were really two people on stage. Howard declared the ventriloquist was “a cartoon come to life” and a “major contender.” After noting that Zerdin made him “feel joy” and wanted everybody to feel that, Wayans pushed his Golden Buzzer, moving Paul straight through to Radio City Music Hall.Mentalist Oz Pearlman pulled out a book with the names of 60 female celebrities and asked Heidi to read them off. He then gave the book to Howard and asked him to look at a name, then toss the book away. He handed another book with male stars to Howie and asked him to do the same. Then Oz asked Howie to focus on the movie star and a movie. He correctly guessed Tom Cruise is the star and Top Gun is the movie. He then cut up a piece of paper and not only guesses that Stern’s pick is Oprah Winfrey, but opened up the paper to reveal a cutout of Winfrey’s face. Howie declared he was “flabbergasted” and that Oz “delivered.” Wayans added that the act was “incredible.” The act left Klum “speechless.” Pearlman advances to the next round of competition.Mountain Faith Band brought the house down with its bluegrass version of The Darkness’ “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.” Mel B noted they made everybody happy, but left the band’s lead singer in tears. “This is my dream,” the girl replied. Stern, while admitting the band was good, warned that their music was “not contemporary,” which could hurt them in the competition. Howie countered that the panel wasn’t there to judge the genre of the music, but the talent, which they had. The group moves on to the live rounds.Vita Radionova wowed the panel with her mix of hand balancing, contortions, dance and acrobatics. Howie noted Vita “moved beautifully” and was “beautifully talented.” Wayans exclaimed, “You don’t have bones.” Heidi noted Radionova had the girls -- as well as the guys -- wrapped around her finger. Howard called the performer “hypnotizing and captivating.” Vita moves on to the next round.Stay-at-home dad Benton Blount sang Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” which Stern called a good, solid audition. Klum declared the performance was “a little rough around the edges and I like it.” Wayans said that if the song was on the radio, he’d buy it. Mel B noted she was impressed at the beginning, but asked herself halfway through if it “was enough.” Mandel, noting how tough it is for a singer to hold people’s attention with just a guitar as backup was difficult, but Blount “pulled it off.” He advances to the next round.It was the end of the line for other acts, including hand balancer Oleksiy Mogylnyy, who worked with a headless mannequin. Stern said the act was “either the most brilliant joke in the world” or Oleksiy was really in love with that "thing.” Klum thought the doll took away from what he could do and made the act “weird.” Mel B, however, thought it was more “funny” than weird. He was sent home.Also leaving the competition was singer/songwriter Johnny Shelton, 26, who dove into music after his son died of cancer at just five years old. His version of Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Built Me” impressed the judges, but didn’t stand up against the other singers in the competition.Pretty Big Movement, a group of plus-sized ladies, danced to Jessie J’s “Bang Bang.” Stern hit his buzzer, noting they didn’t bring a routine that was “special” or “distinguished" them. Klum agreed. Marlon, however, thought it was “entertaining.” Mel noted she loved the group’s “message,” and hoped to see them make it through to the next round. Unfortunately, they were sent packing.America’s Got Talent airs again on Wednesday with a special episode celebrating the show's 10th anniversary. AGT returns live next Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time on NBC.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige Added to NBC's "The Wiz Live!"

ABC/Michael Ansell(NEW YORK) -- Queen Latifah and Mary J. Blige will star in NBC's upcoming live musical production of The Wiz.The network said Tuesday that Latifah will play the Wiz, "the mysterious and powerful wizard who holds the keys to the Emerald City, but whose metamorphosis from ordinary to extraordinary is itself a hoax."Latifah has past experience with musicals, having starred in the films Chicago, for which she earned an Oscar nomination, and Hairspray.Blige, who starred in the 2012 movie adaptation of Broadway's Rock of Ages, will fill the role of the Wicked Witch of the West.The Wiz Live! will air on NBC Thursday, December 3.The Wiz initially opened on Broadway in 1975, re-imagining L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in an African-American context. A movie adaptation hit theaters in 1978, starring Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Lena Horne and Richard Pryor. A Broadway revival will debut during the 2016-2017 season.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Review: "Vacation" (Rated R)

Warner Bros. (New Line)(NEW YORK) -- There’s only one Vacation. OK, there have actually been four theatrically-released Vacation movies and as of now, five.This reboot stars Ed Helms as Rusty Griswold, the son of Chevy Chase’s Clark Griswold, who’s grown up to be a pilot for a discount airline. He’s an underachiever in both his professional and personal life.  When Rusty overhears his wife, Debbie (Christina Applegate), complain to a friend about the vacation cabin they’ve been going to for years in Michigan, he decides it’s time to re-live his own epic family vacation to the theme park Walley World!  And like the 1983 original Vacation movie, they get there via a road trip meant to be an opportunity for family bonding, but which turns out to be the family road trip from hell.  Only funny.There are a few major differences between the original Griswold trip to Walley World and this updated version -- most notably, this version is dirtier, raunchier and considerably more offensive, if you’re easily offended.  Another difference: Rusty and Debbie have two boys, not a son and a daughter.  In fact, some of the biggest laughs in the movie are derived from the relationship between Griswold sons James (Skyler Gisondo) and Kevin (Steele Stebbins).  In this case, it’s younger brother Kevin who constantly bullies his much older and bigger brother.  Kevin’s name-calling and swearing is a bit of a cheap laugh, but it works.Chris Hemsworth also scores laughs as Rusty’s politically conservative, cattle-loving, comically well-endowed brother-in-law.  Unfortunately, Leslie Mann, as Rusty’s sister, is completely underutilized.Writer-directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley (better known as Dr. Lance Sweets from TV’s Bones) and have no fear, which is both a strength and a weakness here. Their desire to push the envelope sometimes feels desperate, and when it doesn’t work it’s just shocking, instead of shocking and funny.  There are a few pedophilia and rape jokes here that just were not necessary.Helms is fine as well-meaning doofus Rusty but his performance, though solid, isn’t destined to be classic.  True, few performances are, but since Helms is choosing to participate in an update of a classic film, the comparisons to the original are both inevitable and fair.Vacation isn’t a waste of your time or money, because you will laugh.  You just won’t be talking about it next week -- which says something, since we’ve been talking about the original Vacation for more than 30 years.Three out of five stars.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Tina Fey Says 'I Wish' I Could Join In on "Saturday Night Live's" Election Jokes

Anthony Behar/Bravo(LOS ANGELES) -- Election season is underway and former Saturday Night Live head writer Tina Fey wishes she could get in on the jokes sure to come from her old NBC sketch comedy show.Fey is particularly excited about what the show will say about Donald Trump's presidential candidacy when it returns this fall."I think it's one of those things where you're like, 'Oh boy...I wish,'" she said Tuesday at the Television Critics Association's Summer TV Press Tour 2015. "I'm sure SNL wish[es] that they were on the air right now.""Yes, do I feel like next year at this time hopefully you'll be doing a panel with just Darrell Hammond being giving a lifetime achievement award for whatever sketches come away," she said, referring to the comedian known for impersonating Trump on SNL. "I mean it's great for comedy. It's great for comedy."During her stint on SNL, Fey famously portrayed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.Fey was at the event to promote her Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. All 13 episodes are available now on Netflix.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Report: "Empire" Stars Get Engaged

Michael Lavine/FOX(NEW YORK) -- Two stars of the hit Fox series Empire have gotten engaged. Trai Byers popped the question to co-star Grace Gealey, People magazine reports.Byers plays the eldest son of the Lyon family on Empire, who together run a record label. Gealey portrays the ex-girlfriend of Terrence Howard's label head, Lucious Lyon.There's no word on when the two started dating, but it looks like Byers has had marriage on the mind for months. In a May interview with Essence magazine, he explained why he keeps in shape for his role onEmpire."I work out for two reasons: one, because I'm an actor and two, because I'm somebody's [future] husband. I want to be prepared for the woman God has for me," he said.Empire season two premieres on Fox September 23.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

"I Am Cait" Premieres to Only 2.7 Million Viewers

James White/E! Entertainment(LOS ANGELES) -- After much hype, last Sunday night's premiere episode of E!'s new series, I Am Cait, got off to an okay start.The reality series, which details how Caitlyn Jenner and her family are handling her transition to a woman, only attracted 2.73 million viewers, according to Deadline.To put it into perspective, that's only seven percent more than last season's debut of Jenner's previous reality show with her family, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, back in March. Also, it was a 35 percent decrease in viewership from the E! special on Jenner's transition, which drew a total of 4.2 million viewers.I Am Cait airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Heidi Klum Declares Love for Boyfriend Vito Schnabel

Eric Liebowitz/NBC(NEW YORK) -- Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel are going strong after almost a year and a half of dating.Klum, 42, wished her man a happy 29th birthday in the best possible way. "I love you my V HAPPY BIRTHDAY," she wrote on Instagram next to a picture of the two smiling.Klum and Schnabel were linked early last year after they were spotted traveling to Paris together in March, then jet setting to Mexico in April.The duo look to have been smitten from the very start. The relationship began after Klum broke it off with her former bodyguard turned boyfriend, Martin Kristen, earlier that year.Klum was previously married to singer Seal, whom she divorced in October 2014. Together, they have three sons.  The Project Runway host also has a daughter, Leni, from a previous relationship, whom Seal adopted in 2009.Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Bobbi Kristina's Funeral and Burial Details Revealed

Lifetime(ATLANTA) -- Bobbi Kristina Brown's body was released to the family's designated funeral home on Tuesday afternoon, according to the Fulton County Medical Examiner, and now we've learned new details about her funeral arrangements. A source confirmed to ABC News that she will be laid to rest this Saturday, August 1, at St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia.The burial will be in Westfield, New Jersey at the Fairview Cemetery on Monday August 3 -- the same location where her late mother Whitney Houston is buried.As previously reported, Bobbi Kristina died Sunday at 22 years old after months of existing in a vegetative state. Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.