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Bill Would Protect Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs
Nebraska lawmakers have postponed a vote on bill that would prevent counties from killing black-tailed prairie dogs when residents complain about the animals on their property. Lawmakers adjourned for the week on Thursday without taking action.
Aid Workers in Nebraska Still Free of Ebola Symptoms
The American aid workers brought to Nebraska who were exposed to Ebola in Sierra Leone continue to show no symptoms of the deadly virus. Nebraska Medical Center spokesman Taylor Wilson said Thursday that all five of the individuals who were brought to Omaha earlier this month for monitoring continue to do well.
Payments for Home Improvement Loans Can Be Extended 10 Years
Every homeowner knows fixing problems can prevent bigger bills down the road. The Nebraska Investment Finance Authority and the city's Public Works Department is making zero-interest loans available to low-income homeowners to fix up their home.
31-Year-Old in Court for Possessing Alcohol When He was 19
A 31-year-old man finally has faced the music in court for possessing alcohol when he was a 19-year-old. John Stokes was stopped for speeding Tuesday night and held because a bench warrant was issued in August 2003 after Stokes missed a court date.
Chambers Faces Growing Criticism For ISIS Remark
More criticism toward Omaha Senator Ernie Chambers for comparing police to a terrorist group, and one lawmaker is calling for his resignation.   The backlash continued Thursday against Sen. Chambers following comments he made in a hearing.  
Prison Overcrowding Bill Advances
A bill designed to reduce Nebraska's prison crowding and expand parole services is slated for debate by lawmakers. A legislative committee voted 5-0 Wednesday to advance a measure sponsored by Sen. Heath Mello of Omaha. The bill is intended to slow population growth in the state prison system, which was 59 percent above its design capacity as of January.

Sheriff Wagner Warns of Tax Return Scam