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Posted: Sunday, 19 January 2014 12:04PM

Thousands Demonstrate Against New Anti-Protest Laws in Ukraine

SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images(KIEV, Ukraine) -- Thousands of protesters are rallying in Kiev, Ukraine on Sunday and in some cases clashing with police after new laws were passed to curb protests.

BBC News reports that the laws were passed "with a quick show of hands on Thursday by MPs loyal to President Viktor Yanukovych. The opposition party accused Yanukovych's administration of a coup.

U.S. and European Union officals have expressed concern over the new laws.

The protests began in November 2013 after the Ukranian president opted to pull out of a treaty with the EU, with demonstrators believing that Yanukovych was too quick to bend to pressure from Russia to abandon the EU treaty.

According to the BBC News, Sunday's protests began peacefully, but erupted in clashes that saw police using stun grenades and some demonstrators arming themselves with sticks and rocks.

The protesters have expanded their demands to include the resignation of President Yanukovych, claiming that widespread government corruption and abuse of power is unacceptable.

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