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Bear Attack Victim Left Horrifying Phone Message for Husband

iStock/Thinkstock(LAKE MARY, Fla.) -- The Florida woman who was mauled by a bear while at home Saturday unintentionally left a nearly six-minute voicemail message on her husband’s phone that captures the voracity of the attack.“There was just a voicemail of five minutes and 43 seconds of me screaming,” said Terri Frana, whose cell phone dialed her husband while she was in the throes of a black bear’s jaw Saturday evening.“He didn’t answer,” she said. Frana, of Lake Mary, Fla., was found collapsed to the ground inside her living room by her son, who dialed 911, moments after the attack by what she estimates was a 200-pound black bear.“She came in screaming. She said a bear attacked her,” her son told the 911 operator.Frana’s husband then grabbed the phone to tell the 911 operator his wife was attacked and that three bears had been in the family’s garage.“She’s breathing,” Frank Frana said on the 911 call.  “She’s just traumatized. She’s breathing and bleeding hard.”Frana said she went to her garage on Saturday evening to grab bicycles for her children to ride down to their neighbor’s house when the attack happened.As soon as the children left, Frana, 45, saw two bears in the driveway. She walked to the patio area where there were five bears eating trash that they had pulled out of the garage, her husband said.Frana, who suffered wounds to her head and body, was released from the hospital Sunday and is recovering at home.She said all she could think about once she was safely inside the home were here two other children, who were both still outside.“As soon as they got in the house I knew they were safe,” Frana said.  “I felt I could breathe and calm down and know this was a true miracle.”Wildlife officials in Florida announced that they put down a seventh bear and are offering a reward for tips on anyone feeding bears in the area.The attack on Franas happened in an area 10 miles from where another woman, 54-year-old Susan Chalfant, was mauled by a black bear while walking her dogs last December.In the last five years, bear sightings in Florida have doubled to nearly 6,200 a year. Last summer, teenager Abigail Whetherall was mauled by a bear after unsuccessfully trying to play dead.Black bear attacks on humans are highly unusual and occur mainly when a bear feels her cubs are threatened, according to the Department of Natural Resources.People who are attacked by black bears are encouraged to stand their ground and not back away or play dead.“One of biggest myths is play dead, don’t do that; they eat dead animals,” Police officer David Shultz told ABC News’ Linzie Janis Sunday. “If you see them, make a lot of noise from a safe distance. Never try to outrun, they will outrun, outclimb. Come in contact with one, you want to back up slowly and if he keeps coming at you just act as big as you can.”Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Accused Boston Bomber Can See Autopsy Photos of Victims

FBI(BOSTON) -- A federal judge in Boston ruled Wednesday that accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be allowed to view the autopsy photos of his alleged victims, a move that the prosecution had argued would “re-victimize” the families of the dead.Tsarnaev was not in court when Judge George O’Toole announced the ruling at a pre-trial hearing, shortly before the defense and prosecution began arguments concerning Tsarnaev’s visitation procedures.In mid-March the prosecution had filed a motion requesting that Tsarnaev be barred from seeing some of the autopsy photos of those killed when two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon a year ago Tuesday. The bombs, allegedly planted by Tsarnaev and his older brother Tamerlan, killed three people, including an 8-year-old boy, and injured some 260 others. Days later the brothers also allegedly murdered MIT police officer Sean Collier.Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in a shootout with police hours after Collier was attacked. Dzhokhar was wounded and was later arrested. He has pleaded not guilty to 30 counts against him and could face the death penalty if convicted.“Allowing photos of the mutilated bodies of the victims to be viewed by the man accused of mutilating them would needlessly re-victimize the family members in the same way that innocent children who are photographed pornographically are re-victimized whenever those photos are seen by others,” Assistant United States Attorney Nadine Pelligrini argued in a court filing last month. The restriction, the government said, would be limited to those images not entered as evidence in the trial.In an opposition motion filed days later, Dzhokhar’s defense team argued that the prosecutors’ request was “unwarranted and publicly aggravates the very sensibilities and interests in dignity and privacy that the government seeks to protect.”“In their collective experience, defense counsel are unaware of any case in which access to autopsy photographs has been conditioned on advance agreement not to review them with their client,” the defense wrote. “Decisions about what discovery materials must be shown to the defendant in order to prepare the defense should be left to the sound discretion of defense counsel.”Dzhokhar’s trial is scheduled to begin in November. Boston will host the marathon again this year on Monday with 36,000 runners competing.Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

College Board Releases Sample Questions for New SAT

Gubcio/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- The College Board released on Wednesday sample questions showing the biggest changes to the SAT college admissions test in a decade. The draft questions are intended to give the public a sampling of the changes for the spring 2016 exam, giving high school students time to prepare for changes like an optional essay, limited use of a calculator, and no more "obscure" vocabulary words.[CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SAMPLE QUESTIONS]The College Board emphasizes that these are just draft questions and "are not a full reflection of what will be tested.""Actual items used on the exam are going through extensive reviews and pre-testing to help ensure they are clear, fair and measure what is intended," the College Board said in its released materials.Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Man Charged After Suspicious Bags Found Near Boston Marathon Finish Line

Ryan Catalani/@magicofpi/Twitter(BOSTON) -- A man was charged Tuesday with possession of a hoax device, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace after two suspicious bags were found near the finish line of the Boston Marathon amid stepped-up security on the anniversary of the bombings that shook the city a year ago.The device the suspect -- identified as Kayvon Edson -- had was a rice cooker, not an actual explosive device, police said.The two suspicious bags -- only one of which police say they believe the man dropped -- were both exploded Tuesday evening after the suspect had been detained for questioning."With the marathon coming, we are taking it serious," Boston Police Officer Randall Halstead said. "Our officers are trained in looking for any kind of suspicious activity, and when it is brought to their attention or they notice it, which was in this case, they act upon it."The race takes place on April 21, but Tuesday was a day of remembrance in Boston, a year after bombings at the finish line killed three and injured 264.Police said the bags were left in the area of Boylston St. and Exeter St., and the road was closed. Both bags were exploded by Boston Police as a precaution.Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Jewish Center Shooting Suspect Was Pen Pals with Would-Be Bomber

A postcard Frazier Glenn Miller sent Kevin Harpham in 2011. (Credit: U.S. Attorneys Office)(OVERLAND PARK, Mo.) -- The former KKK leader accused of murdering three people at two Jewish centers in Kansas was pen pals with Kevin Harpham, the man who plotted to bomb the MLK Day parade in Spokane, Wash., in 2011, the government says.ABC News acquired from prosecutors copies of the postcards and letters they allegedly exchanged in March and April of that year, shortly after Harpham was jailed.Frazier Glenn Miller, currently facing murder charges, encouraged Harpham to “stay strong,” and offered to help set up a legal defense fund for the convict, who later admitted to planting a backpack bomb along the parade route.Miller appeared to believe Harpham was innocent.“The vast majority agrees with me that you’ve been set up/framed,” Miller said in one letter.“Your dad appeared on the TV and stated that you were living with him and caring for him during the time the crime was allegedly taking place.”Harpham responded to Miller, thanking him for the support. He declined the legal help, referring to advice he had gotten from Alex Linder, founder of the anti-Semitic, white supremacist website Vanguard News Network.“Alex Linder once said it is best to just take the public defender and not waste personal money on a trial and that is what I’m doing,” Harpham wrote.At one point, Harpham wrote that he might need Miller to house-sit. He also complained about the jail’s “hard bed, limited clothing and blankets to keep warm.”Harpham wrote that he had more to say but couldn’t put it in writing.Miller, who appeared in court Tuesday and is being held on a $10 million bond, had other friends behind bars. He kept in touch with Joseph Paul Franklin, who was executed in Missouri last November, and Craig Cobb, a white supremacist serving time in North Dakota.Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Male Cop Transforms into Amish Woman to Catch Sexual Predator

iStock/Thinkstock(PULASKI TOWNSHIP, Pa.) -- Sgt. Chad Adams of the Pulaski Township Police Department in Pennsylvania donned a traditional Amish bonnet, dress and apron in January while working undercover to catch a reported pervert who had been exposing himself to Amish children walking home from school.“Sometimes being a police officer means going undercover and doing what you have to do to catch the bad guy,” Adams wrote on his department’s Facebook page.Adams had a female partner in the operation, an officer from Wampum, Pa., and told the New Castle News he and the other officer would walk along the road in hopes the reported perp would approach them.Adams did not catch the reported perpetrator in action. However, he said authorities believe the suspect was later arrested in another county.“I wanted to share with you that we will use all means available to try and protect our children,” Adams wrote. “That includes dressing up as an Amish woman to attempt to apprehend a pervert!”Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Suspicious Bags Found Near Boston Marathon Finish Line

Ryan Catalani/@magicofpi(BOSTON) -- On the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings that killed three and injured 264 people, law enforcement officials in the city are not taking any chances.  The Boston Police bomb squad has been dispatched to the area near the marathon finish line to investigate two unattended backpacks.As a precaution, Boston Police have established a perimeter around the questionable items left in the area of Boylston Street and Exeter Street while the bomb squad investigates. Authorities asked pedestrians and drivers in tweeted safety alerts Tuesday to "avoid the area in and around the Boston Marathon Finish Line."A Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority offcial said after the discovery of the bags, Green Line trains are not stopping at Copley Station. No other information was available.Similar measures were taken Tuesday morning when the bomb squad was sent to an area near South Station to investigate a suspicious item that they later blew up. The backpack in question at the marathon finish line. @universalhub— Ryan Catalani (@magicofpi) April 15, 2014Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Former KKK Member Says Jewish Center Shooting Suspect Went 'Insane'

Johnson County Police Dept(OVERLAND PARK, Kan.) -- A leading white nationalist says the accused gunman in the Jewish center shootings in Kansas was a raging alcoholic who long ago lost ties with his own pro-white community."I think Glenn had gone insane, completely insane in recent years,” Don Black, a former Ku Klux Klan member and the founder of Stormfront, the “White Pride World Wide” website, told ABC News. "Probably because of the alcohol. But whatever it was, he did us a lot of damage this weekend."He killed Christians. The whole thing was completely insane. His brain has rotted,” Black added.Glenn Frazier Miller, a former KKK leader, allegedly killed three people Sunday when he opened fire at two Jewish community centers in Kansas. The charging documents used the last name of Miller, but he was addressed as "Mr. Cross" by the judge at a hearing Tuesday. Cross is an alias used by the suspect. Bond was set at $10 million.Miller was charged earlier Tuesday with one count of capital murder and a second count of premeditated first-degree murder. The capital murder charge makes him eligible for the death penalty.Miller's lawyer did not return a call for comment.Despite his reported allegiance to another anti-Semitic website, Vanguard News Network, Miller had been shunned by the white nationalism community for years, Black said.He and Miller had a falling-out after Miller testified against fellow KKK members as part of a plea bargain in 1988, Black said."It doesn’t matter what side you’re on, people don’t like rats,” Black said. "He’d been a government informant testifying against personal friends of mine. He came back years later and expected to be accepted back in our circles.”But there were other reasons Black -- who said he never allowed Miller to post on his website’s forum -- said the accused killer wasn’t welcome.“He had a history of too much alcohol, being a blowhard generally,” Black said.Black, 60, said he was shocked to learn Miller is the suspect in the shootings.“I would not have anticipated his doing that,” he said. "I thought he was most mostly talk.”Commenters on Vanguard News Network, where Miller reportedly posted under the username “Rounder,” were equally surprised."This is really out of character, the randomness of it,” a user named “313Chris” wrote. “Just doesn’t read like something he would do.”Others rallied to support Miller, whose is accused of killing a 14-year-old boy and two adults in the shooting.“Glenn Miller has more guts and courage in his little finger than these keyboard warriors have in their entire body,” a user named “SA Mann” wrote.Sinister comments proved some of Miller’s peers approved of the bloodshed.“He needed to go on a more crowded day,” senior member “Dan Hadaway” wrote. “It didn’t sound like it was too well thought out.”The Southern Poverty Law Center, a watchdog for hate crimes, calls Black’s Stormfront “the first major hate site on the Internet.”The group has urged authorities to read forums on sites like Stormfront and Vanguard News Network.“It’s not like we don’t know where this type of hatred and violence is bred,” said Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center in an interview with ABC News. “These forums have to be watched very carefully within whatever the legal bounds are. This is where these people live. This is where our domestic terrorism is coming from.”Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

President Obama Issues Statement on Boston Bombing Anniversary

Pete Souza / The White House(WASHINGTON) -- Dignitaries and families of victims gathered in Boston on Tuesday to commemorate the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings.President Obama marked the occasion with a moment of silence in the Oval Office and issued the following written statement:A year ago, tragedy struck at the 117th Boston Marathon.  Four innocent people were killed that week, and hundreds more were wounded.  Today, we remember Krystle Campbell, Lingzi Lu, Martin Richard, and Sean Collier.  And we send our thoughts and prayers to those still struggling to recover.We also know that the most vivid images from that day were not of smoke and chaos, but of compassion, kindness and strength: A man in a cowboy hat helping a wounded stranger out of harm’s way; runners embracing loved ones, and each other; an EMT carrying a spectator to safety.  Today, we recognize the incredible courage and leadership of so many Bostonians in the wake of unspeakable tragedy.  And we offer our deepest gratitude to the courageous firefighters, police officers, medical professionals, runners and spectators who, in an instant, displayed the spirit Boston was built on – perseverance, freedom and love.One year later, we also stand in awe of the men and women who continue to inspire us – learning to stand, walk, dance and run again.  With each new step our country is moved by the resilience of a community and a city.  And when the sun rises over Boylston Street next Monday – Patriot’s Day – hundreds of thousands will come together to show the world the meaning of Boston Strong as a city chooses to run again.Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Accused Kansas Shooter in Wheelchair for Court Appearance

David Eulitt-Pool/Getty Images(OVERLAND PARK, Kan.) -- Frazier Glenn Miller, who could face the death penalty for allegedly killing three people at Jewish centers in Kansas, made his first court appearance Tuesday wearing only what appeared to be a padded smock with his arms and legs exposed. The 73-year-old was brought to a closed circuit booth in a wheelchair where he then stood and made his initial court appearance. The charging documents used the last name of Miller, but he was addressed as "Mr. Cross" by the judge, who set his bond at $10 million. Cross is an alias of the suspect. He was charged earlier Tuesday with one count of capital murder and a second count of premeditated first degree murder. The capital murder charge makes him eligible for the death penalty. The suspect has long been on the radar of anti-hate groups, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center. At a news conference on Monday, police officially classified the massacre as a "hate crime." Prosecutors said the capital murder charge is for the deaths of William Lewis Corporon and his grandson, Reat Underwood, 14, who were gunned down outside the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, where parents and their children were gathering for a singing contest. The premeditated first degree murder charge is for the shooting of Terri LaManno, 53, who was shot and killed minutes later outside the Village Shalom assisted living center where she was visiting her mother. "The fact that we filed these two counts [doesn’t] mean we can’t add new charges," Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe said."[There is a] good possibility additional charges will be forthcoming." U.S. attorney Barry Grissom said federal charges will likely be filed next week. Miller, who was one of the country's most prominent white supremacists in the 1980s, according to two watchdog groups, was armed with at least one shotgun when he allegedly began shooting at people gathered in a parking lot. Witnesses said the suspect, who is reported to be a former Grand Dragon of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan yelled a Nazi salute after the shooting. Miller served three years in federal prison on weapons and threatening communications charges, according to court records. As part of a plea bargain, Miller testified against other KKK members at a 1988 sedition trial. After serving his time, Miller became an unwelcome figure in the white supremacist movement and was viewed as a traitor, Mark Pitcavage, director of investigative research at the Anti-Defamation League told ABC News. "Ever since [he took a plea deal], most white supremacists don't want anything to do with him," Pitcavage said. After laying low for a while, Pitcavage said Miller became active again in the past 15 years, taking his hate into the digital age.Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

T-Rex Arrives at Natural History Museum

National Museum of Natural History(WASHINGTON) -- Washington’s latest arrival is no stranger to tough habitats. The 66 million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex arrived at the National Museum of Natural History on Tuesday. On loan for 50 years from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the fearsome T-Rex fossil -- each tooth the size of a banana -- will form the centerpiece of the National Museum of Natural History’s new dinosaur and fossil hall in 2019. But visitors to the nation’s capital won’t have to wait five years to see the creature’s remains. In the museum’s new “Rex Room,” tourists will be able to watch staff members unpack, photograph and prepare the bones for assembly. The so-called “Nation’s T-Rex” was discovered in Montana in 1988 by a rancher named Kathy Wankel, who noticed a bone sticking out of the sand and delivered it to the Museum of the Rockies. The skeleton was originally scheduled to arrive in D.C. on Oct. 15, National Fossil Day, but the 16-day government shutdown derailed the project schedule. The Rex Room opens Tuesday. Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Accused Kansas Shooter Could Face Death Penalty, Prosecutor Says

Johnson County Police Dept(OVERLAND PARK, Kan.) -- Frazier Glenn Miller, the man who allegedly went on a shooting rampage outside two Jewish community centers in Kansas, was charged Tuesday with one count of capital murder and a second count of premeditated first degree murder.Prosecutors said the capital murder charge is for the deaths of William Lewis Corporon and his grandson, Reat Underwood, 14, who were gunned down outside the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, where parents and their children were gathering for a singing contest.The premeditated first degree murder charge is for the shooting of Terri LaManno, 53, who was shot and killed minutes later outside the Village Shalom assisted living center where she was visiting her mother.Under the charges, Miller could be eligible for the death penalty. He is expected to appear in court at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.The suspect is also known as Frazier Glenn Cross, according to police in Overland Park, and has long been on the radar of anti-hate groups, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center. At a news conference on Monday, police officially classified the massacre as a "hate crime."Miller, who was one of the country's most prominent white supremacists in the 1980s according to two watchdog groups, was armed with at least one shotgun when he allegedly began shooting at people gathered in a parking lot.Witnesses said the suspect, who is reported to be a former Grand Dragon of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan yelled a Nazi salute after the shooting.Miller served three years in federal prison on weapons and threatening communications charges, according to court records. As part of a plea bargain, Miller testified against other KKK members at a 1988 sedition trial.After serving his time, Miller became an unwelcome figure in the white supremacist movement and was viewed as a traitor, Mark Pitcavage, director of investigative research at the Anti-Defamation League told ABC News."Ever since [he took a plea deal], most white supremacists don't want anything to do with him," Pitcavage said.After laying low for a while, Pitcavage said Miller became active again in the past 15 years, taking his hate into the digital age.Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Could the Boston Bombers Have Been Stopped?

FBI(NEW YORK) -- A year after the Boston Marathon attacks, there are troubling new questions about whether the bombings could have been thwarted and how two brothers from Chechnya learned to allegedly execute their terrorist attack so efficiently, officials tell ABC News.Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 20, and his brother Tamerlan, 26, are accused of detonating two bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring more than 260 others a year ago on Tuesday. Tamerlan was killed in a shootout with police days after the bombing, but Dzhokhar was arrested and now sits in jail, isolated from other inmates and awaiting trial. He has pleaded not guilty.But many current and former senior officials who have investigated the tragedy told ABC News that they question whether the brothers might have been neutralized by a more thorough FBI investigation before the attacks, and whether as bombmaking novices they had to have had help in allegedly building several different types of sophisticated devices, which they used more successfully than any other homegrown terrorists since 9/11."I do think that had we taken a second look, we could’ve stopped this," Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, told ABC News.According to court documents, the inspector general's report and sources briefed on the federal investigation of the attacks, the FBI and prosecutors contend that both Tsarnaev brothers learned to build their improvised explosive devices using pressure cookers as well as three pipe bombs by downloading instructions off the Internet.But ABC News has learned that many within the FBI, law enforcement and counter-terrorism strongly disagree that they could have become good enough to make the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) from online how-to’s and suspect an expert taught or instructed Tamerlan on the craft of bombmaking while he was overseas in 2012."For a ‘novice’ pair of IED builders and emplacers, for them to work as they did, to be effective, that indicates to me a level of sophistication that they received some sort of training from somewhere," retired Army Lt. Gen. Mike Barbero, former director of the Joint IED Defeat Organization, told ABC News. Barbero headed the organization at the time of the marathon attacks.Prosecutors allege that the Tsarnaevs got recipes for the pressure-cooker IEDs -- common on battlefields in Afghanistan -- and “elbow” pipe bombs from online instructions published four years ago in Inspire, a terrorist magazine published by al Qaeda’s affiliate al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). AQAP offered wannabe jihadis instructions for both types of IEDs under the headline, "Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom."But an analysis of the bombs done by FBI technicians at the Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center (TEDAC) in Quantico, Va., in late April 2013 found that the bombs in Boston had a much more sophisticated design than that in the online magazine, including differences in the initiators, power source and switch/trigger, which utilized a toy car remote control. Inspire never contained instructions for that type of switch/trigger used to remotely set off the IEDs, but had directions for a different type using a motorcycle remote starter."While the RC concept is similar, TEDAC assesses INSPIRE would not provide an individual with the appropriate details to translate these instructions for use with RC toy car components. Such construction would likely require previous knowledge of, or additional research into, RC toy car circuitry," a TEDAC analysis document said."They didn’t get it just from online and definitely didn’t get it just from reading Inspire magazine. So where did they get this training and how did they acquire the skill?" Barbero said.The indictment of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev alleges that he and Tamerlan "armed themselves with five IEDs, a Ruger P95 9mm semiautomatic handgun, ammunition for the Ruger, a machete and a hunting knife" before engaging in their April 19 shootout with Watertown police. The bombs included a pressure cooker IED, three pipe bombs and a Tupperware tub filled with black powder and a fuse -- they exploded all but the tub during a firefight. The gun was bought illegally from a suspect still under investigation in another state, a law enforcement official told ABC News.They also threw small black powder grenades called "crickets" at police during a car chase, sources said.Allegedly creating and detonating such different IEDs put the Tsarnaevs in a class by themselves as post-9/11 homegrown terrorists, who typically have tried to perfect just one IED design and have rarely succeeded in detonating any at all, officials said."It is absolutely a major unanswered question of how they got that good and whether they had assistance of some kind," a senior counter-terrorism official told ABC News last week. "They had a better success rate than AQAP's master bombmaker al-Asiri," who created the underwear and printer cartridge bombs snuck aboard airplanes, which failed to detonate.McCaul's staff recently completed a year-long investigation of the Boston attacks. It found federal counter-terrorism officials failed to alert Massachusetts law enforcement that Russia's security services in 2011 informed the FBI and later CIA that Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his mother Zubeidat Tsarnaeva were suspected of being radicalized Islamists."I think it's very clear today, after the investigation we conducted and the investigation the inspector general conducted of the intelligence community and the FBI that that foreign connection is real and that he was over there meeting with extremists," McCaul said. "He was greater radicalized and it’s very likely he did receive training."An intelligence community inspector general report released last week revealed that the FBI only interviewed Tamerlan and his parents in Boston but not other associates or an ex-girlfriend he had assaulted. The FBI found nothing to support the Russian claim -- which stemmed from an intercepted phone call by Russian spy services."Now in fairness to the FBI, the Russians had information they didn’t share with the FBI after their warning came in and that’s unfortunate," McCaul said. McCaul and other officials were also quick to state that they see no evidence the Tsarnaevs were acting on orders of a foreign terrorist group. But extremists likely offered Tamerlan expertise, he agreed.Tamerlan Tsarnaev soon faded as a counter-terrorism priority and he was able to travel to Chechnya and Dagestan in January 2012. He returned in July without facing further investigative scrutiny -- partially because his name was misspelled in a security database -- and soon began posting jihadi material including videos on YouTube.FBI and Justice Department officials declined comment, citing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s upcoming death penalty trial.Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Arizona Man Accused in 'Mercy Killing' Goes Missing

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office(PHOENIX) -- An Arizona man accused of shooting his wife to death in a so-called "mercy killing" removed his electronic monitoring bracelet while on house arrest and fled, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.An arrest warrant was issued on Monday for Howard Randolph, 79, after authorities said he cut off his electronic monitoring ankle bracelet and failed to show up for a pre-trial hearing.Rudolph was arrested last August after his wife, Earlene Rudolph, 73, was found shot to death in the bathroom of the couple's home in a Sun City, Ariz., retirement community.After the killing, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office said Rudolph told detectives his wife was sick and he couldn't take it anymore.Rudolph pleaded not guilty to a murder charge last year.In February, he was released to the custody of friends while awaiting trial and was ordered to wear an electronic ankle monitor and adhere to a curfew, according to the sheriff's office.Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputy Joaquin Enriquez said Randolph is 6-foot-3, 180-pounds and is believed to have fled in a 2006 white Lincoln Town Car with the Arizona plate BER-4316. Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities.Rudolph's public defender did not immediately return a request for comment.Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Boston Marathon Bombings Victim Learns to Dance Again

RichardFamilyBoston/Tumblr(BOSTON) -- Jane Richard was watching the Boston Marathon from Boylston Street with her whole family when two bombs went off near the finish line on April 15, 2013.Jane, then 7, suffered a serious leg injury from shrapnel. Her brother Martin, 8, was killed.Jane's parents, Denise and Bill, were both injured, leaving only her brother Henry, the eldest son of Denise and Bill, unharmed.The day marked the first in a long road of recovery for the family that they have documented during the past year on a family blog.Jane had her leg amputated and had to undergo more than a dozen surgeries over the course of four months at Boston hospitals before being released in August."An hour doesn't go by that we don't feel the agony of Martin's death and the senseless way it came about," the family wrote after they returned home together for the first time in August. The Martins picked back up with school and after school sports. They celebrated Christmas somewhere other than their Boston home for the first time, noting that "we snuck away this year, to someplace different, because now everything is different."Before the bombings, Jane had been an active Irish step dancer. When she was released in August, she went home with a new, prosthetic leg and a pair of crutches."Jane continues to be an incredible source of inspiration -- and exhaustion. The loss of her leg has not slowed her one bit, or deterred her in any way," the family wrote. "Watching her dance with her new leg, which has her weight primarily on the other leg, is absolutely priceless."In March, Jane received a "Cheetah" running leg from an organization called Wiggle Your Toes."Never self-conscious and always smiling, Jane has worn it to school several times which speaks to the can-do spirit she has displayed over the last 11 months," the family wrote.Jane even joined her youth basketball team and has been playing on her new prosthetic, they said. Her elder brother, Henry, is excelling in sixth grade.The family has started a foundation in Martin's name and will have more than 70 runners competing in this year's marathon in memory of him and to raise funds for the foundation."A day doesn't pass when we don't cry over the loss of Martin, but we also laugh when we think about him, which feels like the right way to remember a little boy with a zest for life and a caring heart," they wrote.Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Cowboy Hat-Wearing Boston Marathon Hero Still Suffering Flashbacks

Carlos Arredondo/Facebook(BOSTON) -- When Carlos Arredondo returns to the Boston Marathon finish line on April 18, he will be looking over his shoulder.Arredondo is the cowboy hat-wearing hero who sprang into action when two bombs went off at the race last year, dragging victims to safety and swathing mangled limbs. He said he is still haunted by the memory of that day, unable to sleep without the help of pills at night and remains uneasy in large crowds.In the year since the bombing, which killed three and injured hundreds more, the 53-year-old and his wife Melida, 48, have sought the companionship and support of survivors and a community that has rallied together under the mantra “Boston Strong.”But a strong façade during their numerous public appearances together at fundraisers, media events and tours around the country belies the couple’s private moments of anxiety, exhaustion and grief. Sometimes, in dark and quiet moments of reflection, Arrendondo has flashbacks of “all the blood” and screams for help.“After the incident, I had a hard time sleeping just thinking about it,” Arredondo told ABC News. “You just have to carry on and get some mental support. I take my sleeping pills and talk about it a lot, which helps.”For Melida Arredondo, who has been suffering from nightmares and also regularly sees a counselor, the trauma has manifested in a newfound fear of flying.After one trip the couple took to Washington last year with bombing survivor Jeff Bauman, 28, and his fiancée Erin Hurley, 27, all four of them were sitting in a row on the way home to Boston when the airplane hit turbulence, Melida Arredondo said.“I was just frozen in fear. When I looked over at Jeff his big brown eyes were as big as saucers and Erin was just as terrified as me,” she said.The Arredondos’ bond with Bauman, who later lost both legs, has only strengthened since Carlos was captured pushing the injured runner in a wheelchair moments after the bombing. The photo has since become an iconic image of the attacks.The shared journey has also soothed the pain Carlos and Melida Arredondo have felt after losing their two children, they said. Their eldest son, Alex, 20, was killed in a sniper attack in Iraq in 2004. Years later, their youngest, Brian, 24, hung himself on the last day of the Iraq war out “of grief.”“Jeff and Erin, they fill a place -- they never could never replace Alex or Brian -- but having them in our lives eases things,” Melida Arredondo said. “It helps, and we just enjoy spending time together.”Carlos Arredondo, a longtime bus and truck driver, gave up his job recently to focus on helping charities that raise awareness on violence, as well as military groups, the Red Cross and societies for the prevention of suicide.This March, Arredondo was honored as Grand Marshal for the Boston St. Patrick’s Day Peace Parade and later in the month, flew to Texas to receive the Daughters of the American Revolution Patriotism award given to “a naturalized citizen who has shown extraordinary service to country.”For his efforts as a first responder, Arredondo, who is originally from Costa Rica, has been time and again hailed as a “hero.” But he maintains he was simply doing “the same thing” anyone else would have done in that situation: “Trying to save lives.”“I just was trying to help this young man and get out as soon as possible and get medical help,” he said. “I am just one of many that tried to help that day.”“There are so many unsung heroes who deserve credit,” said Melida Arredondo, who plans to accompany her husband and bring tissues for herself and others at this year’s marathon.“All of these reminders at the anniversary are probably bringing up issues, but I want people to know it’s okay to look for help," she said. "That’s part of Boston strong. Being able to take care of yourself.”Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Bail Set for Utah Woman Suspected of Murdering Six Babies

Pleasant Grove Utah Police(PLEASANT GROVE, Utah) -- The Utah woman who police say killed at least six of her own infants is being held on $6 million bail.Megan Huntsman, 39, made her first court appearance Monday and is scheduled to face formal charges next week.Utah County prosecutors said that police went to Huntsman's former Pleasant Grove home last weekend after a family member called to say they had found a stillborn baby inside a box that appeared to be full-term.Authorities obtained a search warrant to inspect the home, where they found six more infant bodies inside, packaged in separate containers.Huntsman apparently admitted to police that she either strangled or smothered the babies from 1996 through 2006. No motive was given.The family member who called in the complaint was Darren West, Huntsman's estranged husband. It's believed that their pair had lived together when the babies were born but authorities don't believe West had any knowledge of the situation.It was also unclear how Huntsman was able to hide the alleged murders from her neighbors or three daughters, two of whom are now young adults while the other is a teenager.Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Bears Killed Following Attack on Florida Woman

Lynn_Bystrom/Thinkstock(LAKE MARY, Fla.) -- Officials with the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in Seminole County, Fla., are still on the lookout for a bear that attacked a woman inside her gated community last Saturday.Terri Frana, who survived the mauling, was released from the hospital Sunday. Her treatment required 30 staples in the head from where the bear tried to carry her off into the woods. She said she managed to get free by punching and screaming at the animal while praying for it to let her go.Meanwhile, wildlife officials said they killed five other bears in the area that apparently showed no fear when they came in contact with humans.It's unclear whether any of the bears that were put down was the one that went after Frana. Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman Greg Workman explained that officials are working under the assumption that the bear is still on the loose and won't stop hunting it until they feel there is no longer a threat to people.Frana was pounced on by the bear in a gated community northwest of Heathrow. There were other bears present at the time of the attack.Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Pennsylvania School Prepares to Reopen After Stabbing Rampage

Ben Filio/Getty Images(MURRYSVILLE, Pa.) -- Students and teachers at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pa., are slowly being eased back into normalcy following last week's stabbing rampage that wounded 21 youngsters and a security guard.The school has been closed since Wednesday when police said 16-year-old Alex Hribal, a sophomore, entered the premises and began stabbing people indiscriminately, severely injuring several classmates. Hribal was subdued by an assistant principal and campus police officer and remains in custody on multiple charges, including attempted homicide.On Monday, teachers attended a counseling session at a local church although they decided against marching to the school in a show of unity in order to avoid media scrutiny.Meanwhile, some parents and children accompanied by staff members will be allowed back inside the school Tuesday to observe how the hallways have been scoured clean to leave no trace of the bloody stabbing spree.Unless plans change, classes at Franklin will resume on Wednesday.Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Coast Guard Launches Rescue After Mysterious Raft Washes Ashore

Pictured is the mystery raft that washed ashore in Florida. (Tim Shortt/Florida Today)(FLORIDANA BEACH, Fla.) -- The U.S. Coast Guard launched a search-and-rescue mission Monday near Floridana Beach, Fla., after a mysterious raft washed ashore that morning full of personal items.Steve and Shelby Crouse said they spotted the vessel while having coffee on their beachfront porch around 8 a.m. The homemade 18-foot raft had a wood frame and a metal mast, reading “Hecho in Cuba”, or made in Cuba. With the help of two other men, Steve Crouse brought it to shore, he told Florida Today.That’s when the three discovered the contents on the vessel: 21 plastic bottles, 40 syringes and packs of medical tubing, labeled “MEDICUBA,” a child-sized shoe, a woman’s bra, a hairbrush, a Spanish-language Bible, a carton of apple juice, and a potato.What wasn’t on the mysterious raft full of personal items? People.That’s what led the Coast Guard, Brevard County Sheriff’s Department and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to search the area by boat and helicopter for any possible occupants.Lori Phatterplace from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department said their efforts in the search are over. “We treated it as a person in the water protocol, but we never had any information that anyone was in the water,” Phatterplace told ABC News. “We haven’t located anyone from the raft.”“We hope to God they made it,” Shelby Crouse told Florida Today. “Who knows if we’ll ever find out.”Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Newark Archbishop's Pricey Pad Causes Controversy

Matt Rainey/The New York Times/Redux(NEWARK, N.J.) -- A half-million-dollar renovation to the "weekend" home of the archbishop of Newark has sparked a major controversy, raising questions about how money donated by church members is being used.An online petition created by a D.C.-based website, Faithful America, has received more than 23,000 signatures to stop the renovation process, claiming that Archbishop John J. Myers does not need a 7,500-square-foot home for when he retires.“The house will become the retirement residence when he retires in two years,” Jim Goodness, a spokesman for the Archdiocese of Newark, told ABC News. “There is an additional suite being added for guests and office space, as well as a whirlpool and an exercise pool being added for therapeutic use, because he has some health issues. This would be beneficial for him in retirement.”There will also be an elevator and three gas fireplaces added, Goodness said.Protesters say the additions are unnecessary and lavish, and have contrasted Myers' lifestyle to that of Pope Francis, who lives in a small apartment in Rome with other priests.Faithful America could not be reached by ABC News for additional comment. But the Rev. John Bambrick, pastor of a parish in Jackson Township, part of the Diocese of Trenton, said the lavish spending reflected poorly on the church and highlights the contrast between Myers and Pope Francis.“I think it makes people question where their donations are going," Bambrick told ABC News Monday. “It's embarrassing to the church and the clergy and it’s an insult to the people and God."“Most of the congregation when they hear about it they just think it is outrageous. They think they should sell it," Bambrick said.“It’s really astounding given the fact that the pope teaches the bishops to live simply,” Bambrick added, noting that Pope Francis has admonished priests "don’t buy fancy cars and live simply.”But Goodness said the $500,000 addition to the home in Clinton Township, in Hunterdon County, N.J., is necessary. “He will just not stop having responsibilities for the diocese anymore [after retirement]. We need to have an office space for him,” Goodness said.“The way the house is being used now, he is never out there alone,” Goodness explained. “There are always other people with him. We are expecting that to continue to happen.”“He [the Archbishop] envisions that there will be other guests or church members [who visit], so he wants to give them more privacy," Goodness said.Goodness explained to ABC News that protesters are mistaken about how the renovation is being funded.“The expansion and reservation is expected to cost $500,000. Some of that is being funded through donations that have been given to the church specifically for the renovation,” Goodness said. “The rest of it is coming from the sale of residential property in Connecticut that is owned by the archdiocese that we won’t need anymore. So we are actually consolidating residential properties.”Goodness said the Faithful America petition is not representative of New Jersey Catholics and that the organization itself is a non-Catholic group that often challenges the church on a range of issues.“A significant number of these names are not even people from New Jersey and a very large number from New Jersey are not even a part of the archdiocese. It is not a representative of the people in New Jersey," Goodness said.But the Rev. Bambrick disagreed.“You want people to give to the poor and support charitable works of the church and building a mansion is not a great inspiration," he said.ABC US News | ABC Business NewsCopyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Mom Remembers Son, Dad Killed by Jewish Center Gunman

Jamie Squire/Getty Images(OVERLAND PARK, Kan.) -- The 14-year-old boy shot dead by a former KKK leader on Sunday was on his way to try out for a Kansas City singing competition, his heartbroken mom said Monday.“He’s been wanting to try out for three years,” Mindy Corporon said at a news conference, a day after her son and father were killed outside a Jewish community center in Overland Park, Kan. "He was dressed in a coat and tie and black shirt, and a hat."Among the songs her son Reat Underwood, a freshman at Blue Valley High School, was prepared to sing was “You Will Miss Me When I’m Gone,” she said.Suspect Frazier Glenn Cross also allegedly shot and killed the boy’s grandfather, Dr. William Lewis Corporon, 69, who was taking Reat to the audition."I waited for my dad to pick him up and make sure everything was OK, and I had him sing one more time, and I got to kiss him and tell him I loved him,” Corporon said of the last time she saw her son alive.She showed up to the Jewish Community Campus after a lacrosse game she was attending got canceled because of weather, and immediately saw her dad’s truck in the parking lot, with the doors open.Both her father and son were dead on the ground."I feel confident in what I heard, that they didn’t feel anything, they didn’t know what was coming,” Corporon said. “They were ambushed."Less than 24 hours after Cross allegedly opened fire at the community center and a nearby Jewish senior center, killing one other person in his hate-filled rampage, the grief-stricken mom showed signs of strength."It was a horrible act of violence and my dad and my son were at the wrong place at the wrong time for a split second,” she said. “We want something good to come out of this, we don’t know what that’s going to be, so we want people to let us know if they think something good has come.”Corporon, whose family is not Jewish, said her son had signed up to be an organ donor when he recently got his driver’s permit."He was with us for a wonderful 14 years, he had a really full life for a 14-year-old and we’re very blessed,” she said.Her brother Will Corporon also spoke about losing his father and nephew."All it takes is an idiot with a gun,” he said of the senseless shootings."That idiot completely knocked a family to its knees for no reason. My dad should be seeing patients today at his work. Reat would have been in school today studying and being with his friends. There’s no reason, no reason for this. It’s just a tragedy.”Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio

A Bottomless Caper: Pantless Woman Arrested in Boxed Wine Theft

iStock/Thinkstock(OCALA, Fla.) -- She’s not wearing slacks, and the police aren’t cutting her any…slack.Police have identified a Florida woman who allegedly stole two boxes of wine from a convenience store while wearing no pants -- and after a short search, the britches-less bandit is now in custody.Ocala City police said tips helped them identify and apprehend Desiree J. Taylor, 35, who was previously arrested last month on charges of battery of an officer.Taylor was caught on security camera on April 10 at a Publix store wearing slippers and a shirt that came down to the top of her thighs, police said. Surveillance footage shows her walking out with a box of wine, police said.She was arrested Monday morning on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting a merchant and petty theft, police said.ABC US News | ABC Business NewsCopyright 2014 ABC News Radio

Mass. Governor: Boston 'Very Prepared' for Marathon

Office of the Governor(NEW YORK) -- As Boston prepares to hold its 2014 marathon a year after the attacks, security planning has been “on steroids,” with new preparations -- both visible and less apparent -- that draw on lessons learned last year, Gov. Deval Patrick said.“We’ve had every conceivable asset engaged in the planning for this year,” Patrick, D-Mass., told ABC’s Rick Klein and ESPN’s Andy Katz, in an interview for the new audio podcast Capital Games.“I will say that planning has been pretty rigorous in the past, and every year after the marathon or other large public events the team does a recap of what we’ve learned and how we can improve for the next time. You have to imagine this was on steroids this time, of course,” Patrick said.“We feel very prepared,” he continued. “At the same time, it’s important for us to strike a balance between stepping up security, both that which people will see and that which they won’t see -- the undercover and the cameras and so forth -- and also preserving the family-friendly nature of what is a civic ritual.”Organizers have put in place a host of new security restrictions and regulations this year, anticipating the increased public and media interest and the potential for the marathon to again be a target for would-be terrorists.Runners and fans will notice some differences. But the race will mark an important moment for the city and the nation next Monday, Patrick said.“We came through this stronger. We were reminded of the strength of this community and the way people pull together at every level,” Patrick said. “To some extent the innocence of that day was surely affected. But at the same time, the courage and the kindness and the grace of that day it turns out was deep in us all along. And we’re proud of that, and you’ll see that on display.”Listen To The Full Interview With Gov. Patrick Along With The Rest Of The PodcastNot all preparations will be apparent to runners or those along the race route in Massachusetts: “There will be a large presence of undercover law enforcement as well as uniformed law enforcement. People who are behavior specialists and so forth are just trying to keep an eye on people without sort of freaking them out,” Patrick said.“I think we have planned to the greatest extent possible for just about everything, and then kicked that up a notch or two,” he said. “The strength of this community was so on display for the world and for ourselves. And that is something I think has been enormously important to call out and to celebrate and to encourage, because it is the source of our strength not just in recovering from that tragedy but in solving all kinds of problems in front of us.”Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio 

Jewish Center Shooting Officially Classified a 'Hate Crime'

Johnson County Police(OVERLAND PARK, Kan.) -- The shooting rampage outside two Jewish community centers over the weekend was officially classified a "hate crime" by authorities on Monday. The third victim of the mass shooting, which happened on the eve of Passover, was identified by Overland Park, Ill., police as Teresa Lamanno, 53. The other two victims were identified Sunday as high school freshman Reat Underwood, 14, and his grandfather Dr. William Corporon. The alleged perpetrator of the crime was identified as Frazier Glenn Cross, 73, who also goes by the last name Miller. The suspect, who has been a white supremacist for decades, allegedly yelled a Nazi salute after the shooting Sunday in Overland Park, witnesses told police. The shooter then drove to a nearby Jewish assisted-living facility, shooting another victim to death before surrendering, police said. The well-known white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan leader was later recorded screaming "Heil Hitler!" during his arrest. The shooting spree started outside the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, where parents and their children were gathering for a singing contest and another event. Cross was armed with at least one shotgun and was allegedly shooting at people in the parking lot, witnesses say. Overland Park police Chief John Douglass spoke at a news conference Sunday, saying the investigation is far from complete. "Today is a sad and very tragic day," Douglass said. Police say high school freshman Reat Underwood, 14, and his grandfather Dr. William Corporon were shot and killed in their car. Two other would-be victims were able to dodge the bullets and run inside, officials said. Suspect Glenn Miller, as he’s known, has always been an honest and open white supremacist, said Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala., which tracks hate groups. “We have been tracking Miller, literally for decades,” Beirich said. “He is literally one of the most hardcore anti-Semites I have ever spoken to.”Copyright 2014 ABC News Radio